Programs and Services

Programs and Services

The Empowerment Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is committed to empowering and uplifting the black community by providing resources and support to help individuals become the best version of themselves. We believe that every person deserves a fair chance to succeed and thrive, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Through our various programs and initiatives, we aim to address the unique challenges faced by the black community and provide opportunities for personal growth and development. From our mentorship programs to educational workshops and community events, our organization strives to create a supportive network that fosters success and achievement.

We are dedicated to promoting health equity, justice, and empowerment for all members of the black community. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient community that celebrates diversity, embraces change, and strives for excellence.

Programs and Services

Youth Development Workshops

  • Dynamic youth development workshops designed to inspire and equip young minds with essential life skills. Our workshops provide a supportive environment where youth can explore their potential, build resilience, and develop the confidence to pursue their dreams. Through interactive activities and discussions, participants learn crucial skills such as goal setting, communication, leadership, and problem-solving. 
  • Topics also include self-care, emotional intelligence, and navigating challenges unique to their experiences. Whether it's through art, storytelling, or team-building exercises, our workshops empower youth to become resilient, self-assured leaders in their communities.

Maternal Health Community Engagement Project - "Amplifying the Voices of Pregnant and Postpartum Black Women"

  • This project focuses on the experiences of Black women during pregnancy and up to one year after giving birth. We want to understand their experiences with prenatal and postpartum care, health behaviors like breastfeeding and stress management, and the services they receive, such as home visiting and housing assistance. By focusing on the entire system of care, we aim to address health disparities and pursue equity.
  • Our goal is to change how healthcare systems engage with Black women and their families, address health behaviors, and improve the quality and quantity of services offered. By amplifying Black women's voices, we can advocate for policies that improve health outcomes and contribute to knowledge that enhances Black women's health.
  • We have created a welcoming and safe space for Black women to share their experiences. Through listening sessions, we will listen, learn, understand, and improve based on their perspectives. 
  • Our ultimate aim is to develop actionable recommendations to enhance the quality of care and support for Black women during pregnancy and postpartum. 
  • By amplifying the voices of Black women, we strive to create positive change in healthcare systems and improve outcomes for mothers and their babies..

Leadership Development

  • Geared towards young leaders, our workshops offer an engaging and supportive environment to cultivate essential leadership skills.Through interactive activities and discussions, participants explore topics such as effective communication, teamwork, decision-making, and emotional intelligence. 
  • Our experienced facilitators provide guidance and mentorship, empowering youth to unleash their leadership potential and make a positive impact in their communities. 
  • Whether you're passionate about social change, entrepreneurship, or community service, our workshops equip you with the tools and confidence to lead with purpose and drive meaningful change. Join us and ignite your leadership journey today!

Mental Health First Aid Training

  • Mental Health First Aid Training (MHFA) is an international, evidence-based public education program that is a skills-based training that teaches adults, such as parents, family members, caregivers, teachers, school staff, peers, neighbors and health and human services workers, how to identify, understand and respond to an adolescent (ages 12-18) who may be experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge.
  • The goal of the Mental Health First Aid Action Plan (ALGEE) is to connect people to appropriate professional, peer, social and self-help resources. MHFA teaches common risk factors for mental health and substance use challenges as well as signs and symptoms of specific illnesses such as depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder and psychotic disorders. 
  • Just as learning physical first aid does not make someone a doctor, learning Mental Health First Aid does not qualify anyone to diagnose mental health challenges or provide therapy.

Peer-reviewed studies show that individuals trained in MHFA:

  • Increase their knowledge of signs, symptoms and risk factors of mental health and substance use challenges.
  • Can identify multiple types of professional and self-help resources for individuals with a mental health or substance use challenge.
  • Have increased confidence and are more likely to help an individual in distress.
  • Show increased personal mental wellness.


EmpowerHER: The Journey of Self-Discovery a Life Empowerment Course

  • EmpowerHER is a transformative 5-month course designed to empower and support Black women (over the age of 25) on their journey of self-discovery, addressing their physical, mental/emotional, financial, and educational needs. 
  • Through a holistic and individualized approach, black women will engage and explore strategies to enhance their overall well-being while fostering personal and professional development. 
  • This 3 hour in-person course will meet monthly and each session will involving reflective exercises, group discussions, and interactive activities to help black women to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their potential. 
  • Each session will be guided by community partners who are subject matter experts in each session. The sessions will cover the following topics: 
    • Module 1-Embracing your Authentic Self, will equip black women to confront limited beliefs, challenge societal norms and explore their unique strengths, and skills to help them embrace their full identity on their journey of self-discovery;
    • Module 2 - Nurturing Your Body - will equip black women with the knowledge, skills and support necessary to nurture their bodies and prioritize their health;
    • Module 3 - Empowered Minds - will equip back women with the knowledge skills and support to navigate life’s challenges, provide strategies to manage stress and maintain balance to promote mental health and emotional resilience;
    • Module 4 - Empowered Pathways: Career Advancement and Skill Development: will equip black women with the tools, knowledge, strategies and support to achieve their personal and professional goals;
    • Module 5 - WealthHER Way - equips black women with the tools, resources and support needed to take control of their finances, build wealth and create a legacy of financial independence.

Course Outcomes

  1. Increased self-awareness and self-confidence among participants.
  2. Improved physical and mental health outcomes, including stress reduction and enhanced resilience.
  3. Enhanced financial literacy and empowerment to achieve financial goals.
  4. Increased access to educational opportunities and resources for personal and professional development.
  5. Strengthened support networks and community connections among participants.
  6. Long-term sustainability and empowerment for participants and their families, leading to positive social change within their communities.

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